About me

I am a Bristol based mixed media artist specialising in free motion embroidery and collage. I've just been awarded Arts Council DYCP funding to develop my creative practice.

There are four parts to my practice

  • Zoe Gibbons Art - original art and limited edition prints
  • Zoe Gibbons Site Art - site specific and installation art
  • Zoe Gibbons Workshops - creative workshops in studio, school and community settings
  • Zoe Gibbons Studio - personalised gifts made to order

Zoe Gibbons Art: offers original art, limited edition prints and studio/school workshops.

I salvage old weathered billboard posters which I collage and stitch into Bristol Street scenes: playing with layers, the constructed image and questioning what society values.

 My “Bristol by Billboard” artwork came from a desire to convey Bristol street scenes from a different perspective; charting the changing cityscape and celebrating culturally significant buildings - some of which may be scruffy, graffitied or disused. 

Layers are a central theme to my work, both literally and conceptually. I explore the layers of the billboard posters where the imprints of previous layers leave marks on others, where the rusting and lived life of the billboard poster creates unpredictable outcomes which I then use in the scene that I am creating. I create layers of old and new within the artwork to convey different timescales. Stitched lines explore formation, and threads of connection. I often use materials from the location to create artwork back out of it – content informing outcome.

Some of my work has just been published in the Bristol and Bath art book which is available from July 2022.

Zoe Gibbons Site Art: site specific installation artwork

I've been awarded Arts Council funding to develop this side of my Creative Practice. From July 2022 to May 2023 I will be researching, experimenting and collaborating with other artists. Enquiries for collaboration projects or site specific installations are welcome.

Zoe Gibbons Workshops

I offer studio workshops and school workshops - teaching skills in creative textiles, collage, composition and product design. More info in the 'workshops' section of this web-site

Zoe Gibbons Studio: creates personalised gifts to order.

Since 2012 I have designed, made and sold personalised gifts. These are available online - through this (my) website, etsy or Notonthehighstreet.com

Popular items include flower presses, new baby gifts and anniversary artwork.

I have also been commissioned by the National Trust, the Birmingham Orthopaedic Hospital and TV production companies.


Instagram: zoe_billboard and Zoe_Gibbons_Studio