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Personalised Leaf Drop Top Guest Book

Personalised Leaf Drop Top Guest Book

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Silk Colour

A stunning personalised wooden leaf guest book, suitable for weddings and other special occasions, made from coloured silks in a double sided ash frame.

Contrary to traditional guest books, this design allows you to see and remember your wedding guests every day.

The finished piece makes a stunning piece of artwork, and when you turn it over, you can easily see each special message from friends and family through the clear back.

Made just for you, this unusual wedding guest book features wooden silk shapes on which your guests can write their messages.

Each leaf has a silk front, and blank, golden back (where you'll write your message). One leaf will be engraved on the front with your personalised message, like the bride and groom's names and wedding date or the baby's name and birthdate.

Each piece can then be posted into the double sided frame, ready to be displayed on an easel or hung on your wall.

Also a truly special way to mark a Christening, naming day, significant Birthday, wedding anniversary or group retirement gift.

Guests will love creating something just for you, and can write whatever they like! Give them guidance, such as writing you tips for a successful marriage, wishes for a happy retirement, or simply encourage them to share their memories of the occasion.

Available in three sizes: 46 x 46cm square (approx) (with 50 leaves), or 54 x 54cm (with 75 leaves) or 73cm x 53 cm (with 95 leaves, plus 5 spares)

We recommend 50 leaves for approximately 100 guests (as one person from each couple or family unit tend to write the message).

Each leaf is chunky wood covered in silk, in a choice of summer greens, autumnal oranges or a summer/ autumn mix. Each set of leaves is cut from varying tones of silk to give a shimmering effect.

Sample leaves available - please get in touch if you would like us to post you one.

If you’re looking for a bespoke colour or shape, please get in touch.

We’ll provide instructions for guests to make sure they write on the gold side of their leaf, and the frame has a slotted top, so guests just drop their message into the frame on the day, but you can easily rearrange the pieces when it’s time to display the guest book in your home.

made from:

The frame is fronted and backed using clear acrylic to make it safe to transport and to remove the back when re-arranging the leaves. There are a number of rotating brackets which hold the acrylic in place but are easy to twist to release the back.

Made from laser cut 9mm mdf and silk. With a choice of sizes of double sided frame made from ash wood.

All frames comes with instructions for your guests, 2 fine tipped pens for writing the messages and fixings to wall hang the artwork if required.

There is also the option to buy a table top easel to display the frame. (see main photo). If you would prefer to source this yourself we can give you guidance on what you need.


Leaves vary in size between 4 x 7 cm and 6 x 9cm.

Choice of 46cm x 46cm, 54cm x 54cm or 73cm x 53cm frames (sizes are approximate to the nearest cm)

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